Developer Services

As developers with over 50 years of combined experience in multiple asset classes, we build on our expertise to analyze project viability and manage the entire development process. Our primary developer services are below. If you have questions about these services and/or others we offer, please reach out directly via email, phone, or our contact form.

Site / Project Feasibility
This phase entails a detailed review of the site location, dimensions, neighboring properties and other important factors to determine if site is suitable for the development plan.
Due Diligence Review
Once the site and/ or building is under contract, a thorough review of all information provided by the Seller is necessary. This review includes current building plans, previous third-party reports, any leases affecting the property, among other items.
Financial Feasibility Analysis
Taking into account all project aspects (e.g. acquisition costs, hard costs and soft costs), we perform in-depth financial analyses of proposed projects. We analyze various financial scenarios, stressing different project aspects so the client understands all associated potential outcomes and risks.
Entitlement Consultation
Working with legal counsel, this item is critical to understand the site’s entitlement or current zoning. A determination will be made if current zoning suffices or if a zoning change will be needed.
Design Firm & General Contractor Selection
This stage entails the selection of design firms, including an architect, engineers, and other sub-consultants, along with a General Contractor. We work with the Client ensuring all consultants are on board with the correct scope and contractual requirements.
Design Management
This phase entails working with the design team to keep the Client’s goals front and center in order to achieve the intended design and stay within budget.
Conceptual Budget Preparation
Working with the General Contractor, this phase includes understanding the hard costs of the development based on the desired design criteria and business plan.
Conceptual Schedule Preparation
Conceptual schedule preparation entails analyzing the full life cycle of the project from inception to completion.